Apr 6, 2002

Umm..today I didn't take my usual catnap which I normally take...kinda disappointed but oh well...meow ill make sure i take extra time tomorrow. Hmm...im kinda sleepy now, no surprise here...I really got to get a life. no seriously I do. It gets too lonely talking to myself. I don't like being left alone too much...bad memories...which i guess thats a little bit of too much info, but then again who would want to read this log anyway?...Maybe next time ill tell an interesting story and post it up next time...but for now ill take my little nap now. bye bye ::waves::
You say everyone seems to cheat when you're sucking in CS? Ever notice how stupid everyone seems when you're doing good? They all seem to get in the way, it's just not fun, lol

y3y, first post for me.

Apr 5, 2002

hmmm.. weekend.. what a nice feeling.. and I just got my pay check heehehe. 3/4 of it will go to my insurance anyway... maybe you can guess how small i get payed :( bowhowhow... anyways.. its almost 12. almost 12=almost lunch=almost full=almost very very fat=can't move. Yeah that's my mathematical formula of the day. aw man, i still have a test for microprocessors sux. Im just taking a lil 2 hour break. yun lang (that's all).

Apr 3, 2002

Errr i just got off from one of the most frustrating Counterstrike game. Its funny how everybody seem to be cheating when you're sucking in the game........ I'm sleepy.. gotta scan my notes for tomorrow's physics test!
OK.... prolly this is my first semi-serious type. It says 10:49 here. I actually invited like 5 friends to write here... yeah right.. like they will.. you know just in case... look at what Marvin put... "gaga ka" it means "you idiot or stupid" (gaga=female version of idiot gago=male) LOLz... It's funny.. it sounds more offending in the english version. the rest of the previous entries were testings... I'm still tutoring here (COMP100) lolz.. i feel smart.
Oh yeah, my mom, aunt, 2 cuzins and 2 friends of my aunt arrived here in New Jersey from LA.. they came all the way from Philipines. It all feels weird now... you know... from a 2-personed home to 8-peopled home. I have to change all my daily routines. Fix my bed everytime i wake up :( (dayyymmn). Oh well.. I know myself.. i'll adjust to it eventually. Till here for now.. I guess... hmmm Ima check Ananova.com. See wats new in our present-future life. Peash!!
gaga ka
ur so 2p... ahur ahur ahurrr

Apr 2, 2002

Testing 2
blah.. testing