Jun 13, 2002

Mr. Hydropeek,
Thanks for inviting me to your Blog joint.
I know you sent the invite a couple of weeks back but
I didn't have a chance to accept it until today. Hopefully,
this is the first of many posts to come. Before I end
this post, I would like to give a shout to my

2002 NBA Champions Los Angeles Lakers

My prediction came true - a 3-peat!
Check my info on AIM.
I just love this...
-soul mates-
"You and I are connected in a way
That goes beyond romance,
beyond friendship,
beyond what we've ever had before.
It has defied time, distance,
and changes in ourselves and in our lives,
And it has defied every explanation except one:
Purely and simply a, we’re soul mates
I can’t explain it.
I just feel it.
It’s there in the way my spirit subtly lifts
Whenever we talk,
How the sound of your voice
Brings me home in a way I can’t explain.
It’s in the delights I feel
When we laugh at exactly the same things.
When I’m with you,
It’s like a tiny part of the universe
shifts into the place it’s supposed to be,
and all is right with the world.

These things, and so many more,
Have made me understand
That this is once-in-a-lifetime.
Forever connection
That could only exist between you and me.
And deep in my soul,
I know that our relationship is a rare gift,
One that will bring us
An extraordinary happiness
All through happiness
All through our lives."

Jun 12, 2002

I decided to use a counter that counts even though if you just hit refresh one thousand times. It looks good than my previous counter that only counts the unique ip addresses of unique visitors heheheeh. This morning around 12:45am, another major event happened to my life that closed this door (barely opening now actually) that has been opened for almost two years. Well, as wise men say, hmmm.. what did they say? forgot the exact words... too lazy to look for it on the web... something like if one door closes, another one will open. errr something like that... like who gives a shit. Any clues what is it? nahhhh i'll tell you later. I hate thinking about it. But the point is I'm not giving up easily, I need to move on or I'm gonna f*ck up my life it's already semi f*cked up. Hey, I added some more pictures under "digital mess". I can see it now... i'll be working on Photoshops more i guess... I'm a bad artist that takes its inspiration through depression... yes that's me... I work best on art related stuff when I'm depressed, or if i have things that "need" to work on for instance like my friend asks me a favor to do something for him.. blah blah... PeACCCCCCEEEEE.

Jun 11, 2002

Just wanna add this link... pretty cool.. I'm
at school right now and I'm so bored...10 days from now.. I'll be graduating,
off to the real world.  Oh yeah... the
Link- Pixel Babe