Oct 18, 2007

notes on my class right now lol

• OUR PERCEPTION, OUR IDEA OF REALITY IN MEDIATE, IT IS NOT direct. We think we expect reality directly.
• PSM - IT isn’t really a transparent thing.
• WE do not experience reality directly, its really in a linguistic way.

page 7 on book
psm proposes that decisions we make is not givenby the world around us.

sample, the Eskimos have 7 different words for snow., they experience snow so much they have to categorize it.

3 Philosophical Systems

IS much more concerned of epistemology ( study of knowledge- how do we name something? How do we interpret? How do we give meaning ? )

Semiotics – How do we interpret things?
• How we begin to interpret things.

Mountain Scenery from Ansel Adams

Mountain Scenery from Ansel Adams
Originally uploaded by hydropeek

Ansel Adams photo, speed painting test.

Last night I was working on a calendar project, 12 month 2007-2009 8.5 x 11 size, b2back. Thought of things how to make this faster. One idea is to look for Office templates online and print is as PDF. Have this done, I will be able to place it on Illustrator. I managed to edit them the way I wanted but it just took so long since the PDF>Illustrator option makes the arrangements of types look so funky.

The second solution was finding a calendar generator online. The sites name is www.timeanddate.com/calendar. Worked out fine, I have more control on which year, holidays, week numbers, etc.

The only drawback is pretty similar from MS office. By the time you "place" it on illustrator inside your design, it will be tough to edit Months, Holiday Colors, font size and spacing since they're all disarranged and not in table form.

Today, another idea came up to me. I looked for "calendar tutorials in illustrator". Found some threads that talk about it, and another thread caught my attention. Some guy mentioned that InDesign may be the right tool for this. Well. Duh! Why didn't I think of this before? I ended up going to Adobe's Exchange site (online resource for anything adobe). Searched for tutorials in inDesign, keyword "calendar tutorial", "calendar maker" or "calendar wizard" and returned me some scripts. So far is working fine! This is the first time i get to use a script (.js) in InDesign and its quite easy.

The script name:
Calendar Maker v2 Mac&PC
By Stephen Nichols September 16, 2004

A Javascript (PC and Mac) version of the calendar maker originally created by Jan Suhr. Following requests, choices now include 1, 6 or 12 months per page and Letter or A4 page sizes.

unzip the file and drop the calendar_maker.js file in your InDesign CS > Presets > Scripts folder, then run from the scripts palette.

I just realized that this script is limited to certain year. This one is better:

Calendar Wizard v0.9

By sselberg March 12, 2006


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Oct 17, 2007

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Oct 14, 2007

HACK your [Creative] Mind by [copyblogger]

Like what copyblogger suggests, we are all born as creative thinkers already. However, as we grow old and condition ourselves to what's right and logical, we tend to trap ourselves into thinking into a certain way to the point where we limit our capabilities....

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