Oct 5, 2007

Wohooo! This will be my first time going to an Art Museum in New York today lol! What a shame for a Graphic Design major like me. I'm gonna stay a little longer too to hang out with our Professor to watch the Rembrandt show. Welllll... time to work!

Oct 4, 2007

Wow forgot you even had a blog! Funny I even made a post on it 5 years ago and I dont' even remember it. Welcome back! =)

Oct 3, 2007

I'm just not as motivated to study this semester than before... hmm dunno why.. maybe I'm just waiting for all these art history stuff to get over with.

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Testing Post directly from flickr to blogger... blahblahblah

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omg! hahaha Thanks to google for taking over blogger.com, I finally have the urge again to integrate my blog to my site!.. lol guess what? My old school blogs were still backed up!
I told myself 5 years ago that someday I will look back into this. That someday is today!! hahaha I'm having fun reading the old cs days and devry days.. I will read some more later.