Apr 3, 2002

OK.... prolly this is my first semi-serious type. It says 10:49 here. I actually invited like 5 friends to write here... yeah right.. like they will.. you know just in case... look at what Marvin put... "gaga ka" it means "you idiot or stupid" (gaga=female version of idiot gago=male) LOLz... It's funny.. it sounds more offending in the english version. the rest of the previous entries were testings... I'm still tutoring here (COMP100) lolz.. i feel smart.
Oh yeah, my mom, aunt, 2 cuzins and 2 friends of my aunt arrived here in New Jersey from LA.. they came all the way from Philipines. It all feels weird now... you know... from a 2-personed home to 8-peopled home. I have to change all my daily routines. Fix my bed everytime i wake up :( (dayyymmn). Oh well.. I know myself.. i'll adjust to it eventually. Till here for now.. I guess... hmmm Ima check Ananova.com. See wats new in our present-future life. Peash!!


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