Oct 28, 2008

Damn CS4 is out already (I dunno when the exact date) and to think, I haven't even taken advantage of what the CS3 can do. I'll prolly find the program soon just for the sake of keeping up to date.


Sep 30, 2008

Chip Kidd "You let the problem tell you what the solution is..."


Aug 1, 2008

1 month more before class starts for fall 2008... sigh..

Nov 1, 2007

pakshet meeeeen!!! 11:55 pm 10/31/07, got caught speeding in Bayonne... ARGGHHHH... I even have to beg for being an international student that I can't afford these things... I shouldv'e said that my parents work as a farmer to convert 100 pesos to a dollar.. d*mnit. Yawn*

Oct 22, 2007

Exotic vacations Aruba, Belize, Bali, Maui, Cebu and anywhere in USA

I have a week in exchange timeshare via intervalworld that I wont be using. The unit typically includes a kitchen and living area, some units may only be a regular hotel room. Unit will sleep 4 people. The resorts are first class, 5 star hotels such as Marriott and Sheraton

The fee is a flat $800 for a week stay anywhere in the world and anytime of the year!, subject of course to availability. Book the unit as early as 2 days from now and up to a year!

Other destinations: Las Vegas , Miami , Cabo, Cancun, Lake Tahoe , Spain , British Columbia etc.

Email me for details.