Dec 16, 2003

eyyyyy.. uhhh.. /me busog with popeyes... wow..its been 5 days since my mom and tita mona arrive...and its been a week since hell got unleashed for 2 days lol... not talking about my mom's arrival...talking about myfreakin flat tire..yeah... tuesday came... normal day...everything seems to be normal in the lab.. until Jose came along and told me that front left tire is flat in the parking lot!!!dang. dint knowwhat to do... i was kinda confused wat to do and relaxed too at the same time coz i have my friends to help me... so anyhow.. (lol long story) ... i used my spare donut tire... hmm ithought the spare was flat in the first place... but then.. amybe its not coz its a "different tire"... and guess what!!?!? after 30miles!!! it went flat oon me in the parking lot after my 2nd job in devry!!! whoooo...hopes up.. down.. hopes up..down... ok.. another hope.. since ritz was there.. i asked him a favor to just follow me to my house coz im having a bad feeling (almost 10pm) ok im bored.... illfinsih this later lol...


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