Sep 17, 2003

sigh fun@work.. yesterday 'took me like the whole day to wind this special transformer.... amazing how transformer making teaches you a lot of self discipline and being precies on every measurements... (which i have a lil)... anyhow... since im not as skilled as other technicians yet.. i firgive myself heeheeh... maaaaaan its challenging and one thing that keeps you going is when u finish after all those detailed steps and instructions... you feel like u conquered the world lol.. u woudnt understand!! unless u wounded some... uhhmm as of today and yesterday... the wheather is like so perfect.. sunny yet a lil windy... few clouds... sky is blue.. smell the breeze (not that fresh tho) reminds me of some of the place ive been to back home in the philippines :( ... and oregon... and mt raineer in Seattle, washington ;( bowhohowohowhowh.. i should find some places here in Jerzey.. but first i gotta find the right girl to hang out with.. or its gonna be boring.. yepp. thast right!.. im like jan... feb.. march... uhhh its been nine months since i was attached with some1.. now im single!!! yes.. !!! and no... YES!!!... and no.... sometimes its good to think that you have nobody bothering u... but sometimes its the other way around.... ahyhoo.. overall.. its better being single right now considering i have to much things on my shoulder... not like its a bad thing.. the things that im looking forward.. paying bills.. ssending more money to my mom.. try to finish my education even further.. it wat drives me to where i am right now... anyhoo.. i talk too much and to think nobody would read this.. when my website is up.. my friends or other lost visitors might read this shiet.. .so wat?! like i got something to lose. CIAO!


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