May 5, 2002

sheeez. my blogger template messed up :(. I had to delete some previous entries
to straighten it up.

Yesterday went to the computer show with some RC and friends. Bought the case
with 350W power supply in it. Floppy... CD ROM drive.. no CD burner :( too expensive for my budget... heheheheeh. I bought a Thermaltake Volcano 7 too.. it only costs 25$ . On the net.. its like 39+ or something like that. I was gonna go for black theme but the prizes for floppies and other pheriperals
cost like 5-8 dollars more.. so screw that! I'm just waiting for my processor (AMD 2000 XP) and a 512 samsung memory stick. Im still deciding what to get on a Geforce 4... 90% chance that im getting the leadtek
brand ti-4400
. And oh yeah.. the motherboard is Asus A7V333 (KT333 + DDR333) Series.

These are my specs. Please don't message me that I got ripped off or something?
coz I know! hehehehe


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