Apr 28, 2002

Bored of CS? lol, after my 2500+ games of SC I got sick of it. I mean, I play it on occasion, but.. 1.08 kind of ruined the whole SC experience for me, I saw toss as a sucky race due to the psi storm downgrade.. Terran was always my best, and 1.08 was "TerranCraft", oh well, me and Verrier played it to DEATH. Over 500 2v2s on blood bath alone.. was fun, but got boring after awhile. I'll prolly get sick of CS eventually, too.. but, I'm still having fun with it. GroundControl is a VERY nice RTS, and JediOutcast is a great FPS/TPS.. Tiberian Sun, I'll try that out tomorrow. Gonna get DS, and uhh.. who knows! Oh well, all I know is SC died for me. WarCraft III is boring, and I never liked Diablo.


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